Pitch 2 twelve’s career took off in Singapore in the late 90’s. He played in miniature clubs at Boat Quay, slowly shifting his focus to the trendy stretch of clubs and bars situated at the then famous Mohammed SultanRoad.


The first club he took Residency was Zeus. Here he had to play a variety of musical genres from 80’s, 90’s, POP Billboard Charts, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Acid Jazz, Indie, Rock, Ska, Blues and R&B.  But he didn’t want to be some Jukebox Dj giving out track requests. He wanted to be a cut above the rest.


His Opportunity came when he was introduced by his Dj Friend Latifah, who was a resident at Club Samsara. She told him about the underground music scene and all the different forms of genres. He picked producers like Danny Rampling, Danny Howells, Kevin Sanderson, Derrick Carter, Derrick May, Frankie Knuckles and Organizations like Cream, Gatecrasher, Trade, Ministry of Sound, God’s Kitchen and Global Underground to listen to. Suddenly all of these acts where popping out in cd stores like Tower records and HMV. From here on, he had to pick up fast and select from the massive electronics genre explosion, the right one that actually synced to his heart and soul. He Chose Techno.


Inorder to progress in Techno in Asia was very difficult. Most Asians refer to Techno with Euro Trash. To get out of this mismatch confusion, he had to venture out to a different country to showcase what he had. Australia was his second destination after London in 2000. 2003, Melbourne, Pitch 2 twelve went to work with a crew called the Anaki saki crew and played in Clubs like Scuba, 101, Altitude, Laundry, Republika, Bimbo’s Delux and First Floor. He learnt of how to make music on the fly using hardware equipment from Roland 909’s to Korg electribe series. This is what is called doing a live set. Working along with Andrew marsh, Simon Slieker, Holotropik, Ben Cromack and Jerry Poon was an awesome experience.


Having honed his doing skills, Pitch 2 twelve amassed a following of techno pilgrims who would make journeys from as far as Sydney to hear him play.

Djing naturally led to various studio work using hardwares and softwares like Ableton and Reason. He has so far created remixes of INXS’s “Suicide blonde”, Red hot Chili pepper’s “Soul to Squeeze”, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Jimi Hendrix’s ” Are you experienced”

He looks up to producers like; Victor Ruiz, Green Velvet, Marcel Dettman, Solomon, Butch, Paul Pitch, Carl Cox and Miss Kitten and the Hackers. He has currently released a few tracks in Beatport under the Plastikdrums record label.

He relentlessly is finding a country where he will be very much appreciated and accepted. Singapore for him is a just place where the locals don’t appreciate his talents and style. Djs and club owners here look up to the mass majority who wants only EDM commercialised CDQ and Euro Trash Radio mainstream music to be played in 90% of the clubs.

If you like what you hear, book pitch 2 twelve and you won’t regret his presence and djing style.