Pitch 212 is a Dj known as Spikenard since 1995 until 24 years later he decided to change his Dj name. His Real Name is Immanuel Joshua. Now he is called Pitch 2twelve. He also is a Tattoo artist and piercer Certified in USA Miami and goes after the name as Spyke. But Why Pitch 212? Because he was born on the 2nd of December.
He never fails to push the boundries of mixing Techno and Electro with a touch of sexiness in his selections. He looks up to producers like Victor Ruiz, Butch, Solomun, Stephan Bodzin, Sext Troxler, Dapayak Solo, Paul Ritch, Ben Cromack and Ben Klock. Since Young he has been inspired to produce basslines and a touch of class beats which is his distinguishable Signature sounds.
He had nevertheless produced and written his own tracks and released them in Beatport under the Plastikdrums Records Label. He has done many remixes, graduated from S.A.E Singapore with a Diploma in Electronic Music Production and is still currently producing more tracks. Go Listen to him in Souncloud on Pitch 212 ID.
 As a Dj and producer Pitch 212 plays out most weekends across the globe from Malaysia, Europe and the US covering Germany, Ibiza to Miami. There’s the same attention to detail each time, his sets swooping whip-smart along the cutting blade of techno and electro, backed up by a seasoned bag of Dj tricks in which his early hip hop roots clearly show.


Pitch 212 blends into the background upon arrival and lets his music do the talking. That’s where he comes alive, where skills honed for years, blow venues apart. It might seem from appearances that Pitch 212 is not enjoying what he does, but don’t let that grumpy image fool you. He loves every minute of it and feels blesssed he’s able to do what he does. He takes his sets very seriously, and when it comes towards the end of the set he puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Whatever the scale of the venue, from small, sweaty clubs to venues such as Buddha bar in Stuttgart, Pitch 212 nurtures an extraordinary relationship with the crowd.It’s the same with festivals.Deep down, however, Pitch 212 continues predictability and to do his own thing.He flies the flag for true Techno spirit, pushing cutting edge sounds alongside a consistency of vision and purpose rare in the ever changing world of dance music.

In short, Pitch 212 will go to leaps and bounds globetrotting to be established but he will never be an establishment. Why not lend him a ear and Submerge to good listening pleasure! Pitch to 212, for he Pitch’s Right into you and changes your mood. Larga Vida Techno!!

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